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When uploading docking models multiple files can be selected simultaneously. An archive file (zip and other) containing docking results, or single PDB file can be also uploaded. All files except *.pdb and archives (*.zip, *.gz, etc.) will be ignored.

Help on Qasdom

Receptor and ligand structures must be uploaded as PDB formatted files. The docking results are accepted in the original output format as they are produced by the docking programs/servers. The following docking servers are supported for automatic analysis by QASDOM — GRAMM-X, ClusPro, SwarmDock, ZDOCK, Hex. Alternatively docking results can be uploaded as PDB formatted structures of the complex. Models can be uploaded to the server as multiple PDB files or archives, with the file(s) containing single or multiple models. For the PDB format description please see PDB web site. All files except archives and *.pdb will be ignored. If an archive is uploaded, all *.pdb files in the archive will be processed. Single quotes " ' " are not allowed as part of file names.

Qasdom server is intended to work by processing the models produced by a range of docking programs / servers, and computing all intermolecular receptor-ligand interactions. Since the resulting aggregate interactions data represent predictions by a range of different methods and computational techniques it is more accurate compared to results of a single docking run. Graphical output shows clusters of interactions indicating putative binding sites.

If you use Qasdom, please cite:
A.Anashkina, Y.Kravatsky, E.Kuznetsov, A.Makarov, A.Adzhubei. Meta-server for automatic analysis, scoring and ranking of docking models.
Bioinformatics, DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btx591, PMID: 28968724


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